Tia Wilson (she/her/hers)


Tia Wilson, pronounced Tie-uh, is known as Ms. Tia to students. She has worked in education for 10 years, with eight of those years in the Aurora Public Schools. In her most recent position, Tia was a college and career mentor for the Heartland Institute of Financial Education. There, she assisted many students in grades 9-12 and their families to plan financially and academically to attend college.

Tia enjoys helping students and their families receive all the resources needed to accomplish their goals academically and in the community.  She has worked in the attendance, counseling, front and dean’s offices at Hinkley High School and East Middle School in Aurora. Ms. Tia is a great listener and is passionate about challenging students to not settle in life and succeed in their after high school career choice. 

Tia is a DPS graduate of Montbello High School and received her Associate of Arts from the Community College of Aurora and is currently in the process of completing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arizona State University online. When she is not at work Tia loves to travel with her family, watch football, go to the movies, and help her husband pastor at Sure Foundation Community Fellowship Church. 

What is Your Why?

I believe every student has a voice that needs to be heard. In my work, I make it a point to listen to what each student is saying verbally and nonverbally. I believe when our youth are heard they feel valued and empowered. This allows them to be productive and successful in their goals in our communities. As a youth, I felt awkward and different. I did not think my thoughts or opinions mattered. This led me to act out through my behavior and make bad decisions. At RiseUp, we provide a place where students are supported and cultivated to make better decisions.