Theresa Vialpando (she/her/hers)

Front Desk/Registrar

Theresa Vialpando believes that people, especially young people, want to do good and when they have the resources and support to do so they can successfully achieve good. Because of this, she began her work in an after-school non-profit organization working with students and their families to get the resources they needed in the community. During her work, Theresa worked to foster a welcoming environment that not only supported externally but internally as well. Noticing a need and lack of support, Theresa made a club for LGBTQIA+ students to meet and feel safe in their identity that started as a high school and middle school club that expanded into an elementary-level club as well. She looks forward to working with students, staff, and families to foster an environment that supports and allows this community to be themselves, feel loved, and succeed. 

When not at work Theresa likes to read, write, watch anime, and listen to music. 

What is Your Why?

My why is because of my background. Moving schools in the middle of High School allowed me to see the inequality in education and how the lack of support in schools and the community only harms students. Yet, on the other hand, I learned how the difference between someone being on the edge and someone feeling heard and supported can be one person. It is my hope and work to make sure that the students I work with feel heard.