Ryan Plantz (he/him/his)

Humanities Instructor

Ryan grew up outside of Milwaukee, WI and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in History and Sociology. Ryan believes every child deserves an excellent education and has spent the past 8 years working with a variety of students who have been underserved. As a proud AmeriCorps alum with the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County and teaching fellow at Eagle Rock School in Estes Park in Service Learning and the Humanities, Ryan has a reputation for service and innovation with a growth mindset. From classrooms in Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Denver, and Austin, Texas, Ryan has taught Kindergarten, 4th grade, middle and high school English, adult ESL, and Economics. For the past two years, Ryan has taught history at a Title I high school outside of Austin, with a focus on technology integration and the development of literacy skills.

What is Your Why?

I believe that students are capable of achieving amazing things when supported and challenged in a nurturing learning environment with trusted individuals. As a kid, I was shy and didn’t take many risks, but I was lucky enough to have teachers and coaches who nudged me to push my boundaries, take risks, and adopt leadership roles as I figured out my identity. As a result of this experience, I strive to support young people to push their preconceived boundaries and persevere through adversity to achieve their fullest potential.  


email: rplantz@riseupcommunityschool.net