Lea Birbilas (she/her/hers)

Science Instructor

Lea Birbilas is a veteran science teacher and loves being part of the RiseUp team.  This is her sixteenth year teaching and her love of her work and her students just continues to grow.  Lea grew up in the midwest and earned a BS in Environmental and Plant Biology from Ohio University.  After some time in Minneapolis, MN she moved to Baltimore to begin teaching through the Baltimore City Teaching Residency and earned a master’s degree in teaching from Johns Hopkins University.  She taught in Baltimore at Frederick Douglass High School for 6 years before moving to Colorado where she has been living and teaching for the past 10+ years.  She loves all things science and working with young people.  She believes that all students can learn and do science well.   When not in the classroom Lea is probably playing outside with her family somewhere whatever the season. 

What is Your Why?

I believe that all students need to be seen, heard, and valued to step into themselves and achieve their goals.  As a young person who took a winding road myself, schools should be a place where students can cultivate that path and build the confidence to be successful in all aspects of their life.  At RiseUp we build the confidence, validation, and passion in our students that leads to growth and positive academic experiences.  All students deserve an opportunity and we are here to guide them along the way.