Ismael “Ish” Alvarez (he/him/his)

Administrative Assistant & Title IX Investigator

Ismael Alvarez often is known as Ish to many of his colleagues or Mr. Alvarez to most of the students. He has worked in education in varying capacities for 20 years, and 16 of those have been in DPS. Ismael has a strong and passionate desire to work with students and families to create a welcoming environment and to create new collaborative opportunities within the community! He has worked as a paraprofessional, a secretary, a family liaison, an interpreter, and an office manager over the years. In all of his work, he has always seen to the needs of students and staff, and fomented strong bonds within each community with which he has worked.
When he is not working hard for students and families, Ismael spends time with his family, plays tabletop games with friends, and does freelance writing.
What is Your Why?
I believe in the value of understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect in creating a healthy community. I learned these values with the support of mentors and like-minded peers that exhibited these values, and I will continue that legacy.