Eli Martinez (he/him)

Facilities Assistant

My name isĀ Eli Martinez, and I recently graduated from Rise Up Community School. I am strongly interested in business, which drives my academic pursuits and future aspirations. My goal is to own a business one day, and I am dedicated to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve this ambition.

During my time in school, I was an active member of the leadership group. Our group was responsible for organizing various school events, including prom, and managing the school store. This experience helped me develop valuable skills in event planning, teamwork, and leadership.

Additionally, I was offered a job as a School Receptionist, a role that has provided me with practical experience in a professional setting. I am excited about the opportunity to grow in this position and further develop my administrative and customer service skills.

These experiences have fueled my passion for business and leadership. I am excited to continue my education, gain more practical experience, and eventually turn my dream of owning a business into reality.