D’Andre Curtis (he/him/his)

Internship Coordinator

Mr. Curtis believes that our youths deserve talented and dedicated educators! Also, that our youths hold the key to society’s success! That great things happen when youths are provided with appropriate guidance, rigor and high expectations! He has formally been in educational leadership for the last six years and has an extensive background in architecture engineering & design, fostering K-12 youth development, community partnerships and family engagement. He has studied with the best and brightest around the world. Also, has lived and worked in Paris, France. He is an AmeriCorps, TRIO, Gear Up Alumni with strong partnerships with Cottonwood Institute, Future City Colorado, Convivir and Financial Literacy. He is a loving father that prides himself on being a global citizen. Mr. Curtis enjoys outdoor recreation, fashion, art, and travel.  

What is Your Why?

I wholeheartedly believe that scholars not only need access and exceptional learning experiences but as much exposure to the real world as possible!  Allowing us as facilitators to provide various avenues to find their “occupassion”! I believe creating safe spaces for scholars to fail faster and fail forward is the key to their success! Teaching scholars to be active owners of their education and learning. It is important that we teach our youths to be their authentic self in environments and fields they are not always represented in! Fostering empowerment, encouragement and striving for continued performance is part of that success formula! I look forward to being a part of our very rich and diverse RiseUp community! Thank you for the opportunity to serve!