Bridget Wierimaa (They/Them/Their)

Postsecondary Readiness Instructor

Bridget grew up in the Denver metro area and has lived here all their life. Bridget believes that education is the greatest tool for building people up to who they are meant to be. Bridget is excited to join the RiseUp team and be a part of teaching the next leaders of the Denver Community. They hold an MA in Education from Regis University and a BA in History from CU Denver. Most recently they have been teaching postsecondary pathways with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado. During this time Bridget learned the importance of helping youth unlock their passions and strengths. During their free time Bridget loves playing with their dogs, baking, and getting outside with friends as much as possible.

What is Your Why?

I deeply believe that every person in this world is important and that through authentic relationships everyone can come to believe that about themselves. When I was in high school I had a hard time believing this fact and struggled greatly with my mental health. Through the support of caring adults that believed in me I was able to start believing in myself. I know that it is vital for every youth to have someone who believes in them and encourages them that they can do great things and that they are important to this world.