Ramone Carson (he/him/his)


I  have served as a public school educator for 20 years as a paraprofessional, teacher (elementary, middle and high), instructional coach, school leader, and turnaround mentor. I currently serve school districts across the country as a consultant and strategist with The Achievement Network (ANet), a nonprofit organization that promotes equitable teaching and learning. 

What is Your Why?

I believe earnestly that the goal of education is to empower young people to be lifelong learners who are equipped to live healthy and happy lives and contribute to the work of creating a just society. My life and personhood has been supported by a collection of teachers, family elders and other community members who taught me the skills and mindsets to be a capable, free-thinking, socially responsible human being. I strive to have that same impact on as many students as I can through my work as a thought partner for school leaders and an advocate for education reform.