Lauren Conlin (she/her/hers)

Special Education Instructor

This is Lauren Conlin’s third year as the Special Education Instructor at RiseUp Community School. Lauren actively works to establish positive relationships with students. She is devoted to helping her students identify their individual strengths to ensure their postsecondary success. Lauren is committed to providing necessary opportunities and resources to her students so they experience a smooth transition to the real world and feel confident about their future endeavors.

Lauren was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education, Lauren began her teaching career at Brookfield East High School in suburban Milwaukee. For six years, she used her expertise to the school’s math teams, regularly planning and co-teaching both Algebra and Geometry. 

Upon completion of her master’s degree program in At-Risk and Alternative Education, Lauren devoted herself to the students at Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center School where she coupled her passion for teaching math with advocating for the needs of a diverse group of learners, paying close attention to the challenges, both personal and environmental, that they may be facing. 

In her free time, Lauren enjoys staying active, traveling, eating sushi, and lounging with her two cats, Jax and Jovi.   

What is Your Why?

I believe that all students deserve a supportive learning environment with adults who truly care. Growing up, school was my safe space and my teachers became the trusting adults in my life. Because of this, every day I work to build long-lasting relationships with students so they feel an authentic sense of purpose and belonging.