Brigid Scruggs (she/they/them)

Science Instructor

Brigid Scruggs currently teaches Physical Science, Biology, and Environmental Science. Ms. Scruggs comes to RiseUp Community High School with 14 years of prior teaching experience. Most recently, Ms. Scruggs taught Sciences at Bear Creek High School in Jefferson County. Ms. Scruggs earned their Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Pratt Institute and their Master’s degree in Secondary Education at Long Island University, both in Brooklyn New York, where they spent 7 years teaching an array of subjects before returning to their hometown of Denver, Colorado. Ms. Scruggs‘ passion for teaching Sciences seeks to help students feel connected enough to the natural and physical worlds they inhabit to effect positive changes in both local and global spheres in the interest of prolonging human life on Earth. They are most keen to generate spaces for people to engage in understanding Sciences through all genres of art and all manner of creativity.