Betsy Smith Tribble (she/her/hers)

Special Education Instructor

Betsy Smith Tribble is new to RiseUp Community School and is one of two Special Education Instructors. Betsy has a Bachelor’s, an Associate’s, and a Master‘s Degree from CU-Boulder, Parks Business School, and Grand Canyon University, respectively.  Most of Betsy’s previous teaching experience has been as a Special Education English and Social Studies teacher at facility schools, the most recent through Aurora Mental Health at Hampden Academy.

Betsy believes strongly that each student has the potential to be successful in their lives after high school. Oftentimes, they are so caught up in getting through each day that they feel like the future is not important. Betsy wants to instill hope in students and help guide them through school challenges to achieve success. As a special educator, she knows that each student learns differently and tries to help them learn their way.

Betsy moved to Colorado at the age of 18; it was her 16th move (Air Force father). Betsy’s main interest is working with various animal rescue organizations and is the Secretary on the Board of Directors of The Snuggle is Real, a non-profit rescue that pulls dogs and cats from rural shelters in Texas and Oklahoma and finds homes for them in Colorado. Additionally, as a volunteer driver for rescues around the country, she has saved over 100 dogs over the last ten years through transporting and fostering. Betsy has twin boys aged 25, one who is going to graduate school to become a licensed clinical social worker, the other is a freelance writer.

What is Your Why?

I believe every student deserves to feel welcomed, appreciated, and safe. When I was growing up, I think I attended nine different schools, three of which were high schools. I was bullied over and over for being the new kid. In my job at RiseUp, I want to ensure that students are made to feel appreciated and accepted for who they are and their individuality.