Amer Randell (he/him/his)

Social Studies Instructor

As a seasoned educator, Mr. Randell is thrilled to be joining RiseUp Community high school as a social studies teacher. Mr. Randell earned his Bachelor’s degree from Yeshiva University in New York, and a Master’s in Education Leadership from Barry University in Miami Florida. Mr. Randell’s passion for history stems from his drive to support students to consider how lessons from our history can be the basis for creating a better future. Having experienced living in different communities and countries has given Mr. Randell a diverse perspective of how different cultures behave. Mr. Randell enjoys reading, listening to a variety of music, baking, and being outdoors with his children and two dogs.

What is Your Why?

Fostering a growth mindset, I enjoy learning from the values of a diverse community that encourages all its members to embrace the gifts and challenges. I appreciate the slow and steady process and the tenacity that this community brings to its introspective and intentional consideration to adapt to its ever-changing reality.