Alicia Garcia (she/her/hers)

Circle Corps

I identify as a mixed race (half Puerto Rican, half White) female and my preferred pronouns are she/her. As an equity-driven educator, I have dedicated the last seven years to the pursuit of activating sustainable social change through the implementation of a milieu of evidence-based practices. While I have leadership experience in culturally responsive education, trauma-informed modalities, neuroscience, social-emotional learning, and other tiered approaches, I have found that Restorative Practices (when implemented effectively) and Design Thinking are the most effective pathways to achieving equity within any organization or community. After several years in the film industry and a short stint in design, I found my true calling working with historically marginalized individuals and the pursuit of social justice. I come from a family of social justice activists and my commitment to equity and inclusion is relentless. The core beliefs I hold around systemic and systematic potential and BIPOC agency fuel my professional drive as a leader in Liberation Design and Restorative Practices. My efforts are targeted towards expanding the bandwidth of culturally responsive frameworks by building capacity among those with whom I have the privilege of sharing partnerships.