Shirley Colindres

Shirley Colindres works as Attendance Support at RiseUp. Part of her work entails monitoring the attendance of all students, along with providing attendance related data to teachers, students and staff.
Shirley’s past experiences have always involved working with or around diverse populations and youth throughout Chicago’s Public Schools. She is passionate about working with adolescents, and strives to create environments that are equitable and inclusive, where teens can feel welcomed, connected, and free to be themselves.

Shirley strongly believes in the quote “education is a human right with immense power to transform”. In the past, she has worked with organizations that are aimed at supporting high school students achieve academic success, and to prepare them for postsecondary education.
Shirley has had the opportunity to travel extensively, which has contributed to her developing a deep appreciation and respect for other cultures and their way of life.

A native of Chicago, Shirley moved to Denver in 2019. She holds a degree in Social Work from Northeastern Illinois University. When not at work, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her dog, kayaking, being outdoors and experiencing nature while hiking, dancing and watching foreign films.

Shirley can be reached at

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