Molly Milota

Growing up in the Midwest, Molly graduated with a degree in Writing-Intensive English from Marquette University in 2012. From there, she started moving West. She stopped at Kansas State University to get her Master’s degree in Counseling and Student Development. While she was there, she taught college courses in the School or Leadership studies. In 2014, she moved to Estes Park, Colorado, where she served as a Public Allies Teaching Fellow at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center and got her teaching license. There, she taught high school classes on topics ranging from financial math to Shakespeare. She has a breadth and depth of experience working with young people outside the classroom as a camp director, college and career readiness staff member, and student organization advisor. When she isn’t teaching, Molly prefers to be reading a book, but also enjoys growing vegetables, riding bikes, and learning new things.


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