Janet Johnson

What is a “Director of Competency Based Learning?” RiseUp wants to keep pushing the envelope on what it means to serve, educate, and engage students in their education. The next big thing on our list is to change the way students are evaluated. Right now, most of the evaluation work is done by teachers while students wait to get work back to see what they scored. We’re going to flip this script and put students in the driver’s seat. In order to do this, we are going to make some big adjustments to how we teach, assess, and involve parents, and Janet is going to help facilitate this change. With 15 years of experience at Eagle Rock School, teaching and coaching teachers in a competency based system, Janet brings a dynamic style to working with students and staff. She believes that school should match the types of things we’re asked to do outside of school. After all, when was the last time you brought an essay to your boss and had your work and knowledge evaluated? Never! Janet’s main job will be to help us learn about and formulate our own unique style of competency based learning while directly supporting teachers in their classrooms to get the outcomes they want.


Janet can be reached at jjohnson@riseupcommunityschool.net.

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